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Are you ready to SHED what’s holding you back
from dating with herpes?


Since you have been diagnosed with herpes, have you felt a sense of unworthiness?

Do you feel that you are no longer worthy of love, trust, or sexual connection?

How often do you think about this secret that you’re handling alone?

Do you feel dirty & fear no one will ever want to be intimate with you again?

Do you hide behind your diagnosis & blame it on the shitty men that keep coming into your life?

Hi! I'm Stephanie!

I found out I had HSV 1 & 2 in 2017.

I woke up one morning & thought that I had a spider bite.

I went to the doctor the next day and she popped one of the blisters to do a test.

She was pretty positive that it was an outbreak (OB).

All I could do was cry…
“How did this happen to me?”

“Who will ever want to touch me?”

“I am damaged goods now”

All of these horrible thoughts went through my head.


I was in denial for awhile…

I was living my life with a lack of boundaries.

I was searching for love in all the wrong places because I was constantly rejecting myself.

I was numbing out on food to fill a void inside me I was scared to acknowledge.

It took accepting every piece of my story to realize having herpes doesn’t define me.

I feel grateful for it because it adds to my story and allows me to slow down in life & appreciate all the good that is around me!

Ready to SHED? Join here!

Now that I've been able to SHED, I’m able to FEEL (literally)

I now know how to feel my emotions without letting them take complete control of my day and life.

I SHED the notion that “I SHOULD” be further along in life

I feel grateful for having something happen to me that opened my eyes to a new way of viewing the EXTERNAL world.

I did that by learning how to control my INTERNAL world even when it may seem like everything is falling apart.

I SHED the pressure that holding in my emotions makes me more of a badass independent woman than if I cried

I SHED the stories that I held onto that all women are the same & learned to embrace community & support.

I feel empowered to trust the man that is meant for me is out there & SHED all loose ends in my life.




I have what?  We dive into what being diagnosed can do to your emotional state and talk about emotional frequencies that may be happening in your life since you've been diagnosed.  Becoming aware of these emotional states will help you be more in tune with your body which will help you manage your outbreaks.

We will talk about what Inner Child Work is and why it is important to finding out the root cause of where you started cock blocking yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  During this module I will guide you on a journey to meet your inner child so that you can begin to start showing up for them.

In this module we talk about the different types of boundaries and how they could be affecting your energy.  We discuss what most of society is use to doing when it comes to setting boundaries and how that way of being will no longer serve you now that you've been diagnosed with Herpes.

In this module we talk about how to create lasting change in your life.  By focusing on the things we do want instead of the things that we don't want.  I take you on a guided hypnosis journey for you to meet the version of yourself that is already inside of you but has been living in fear to show up as they really are.


  • (3) Official SHED method  module trainings that will give you the tools to start showing up more confidently in and out of the bedroom.

  • PDF with journal prompts to help you start diving even deeper into your confidence

  • 1 pre-recorded hypnosis


- Speaking up for yourself in the bedroom to have more orgasms

- No longer feel guilty for being diagnosed with Herpes

- Going through life with trust & surrender to help manage your outbreaks

- Having less stress in your life to help manage outbreaks

- Speaking up about HSV & being able to effectively communicate your wants/needs during an OB & without one

- Feeling supported & sexy even when you have an outbreak

- Communicating with your partner about how to be sensual in other ways

I'm ready to shed!
I'm ready to shed!