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What is the benefit of hiring a Life Coach?

Having a Life Coach creates a safe space for you to work on your thoughts/feelings/beliefs with support.

It is a type of wellness professional that helps guide people in order to attain whatever goal they are wanting by asking powerful questions for the client to discover what feels good for them. ⁣

Coaches help individuals identify obstacles that are holding them back or clarify goals then ask powerful questions for you to do what’s best for you. ⁣

The conversations that happen in these sessions are confidential and geared to open you up to your fullest potential. They help you get out of your comfort zone and start taking action on the things you want out of life.⁣

After working with a coach you’ll be able to⁣

  • set boundaries in all areas of yourself⁣
  • identify what feels good for you⁣
  • trust your intuition⁣
  • live in the present moment⁣
  • stop the people pleasing tendencies⁣
  • say no to things that don’t serve you⁣
  • have more energy
  • communicate effectively


You’ll feel⁣

  • confident in living your life intentionally
  • safe in your own mind and body
  • grounded in your innate energy
  • excited to be intimate with your partner(s)
  • in control of yourself physically/mentally/emotionally
  • peace
  • excited to communicate about your wants/needs/desires

Types of modalities that are used based on individual client needs:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses the conscious and subconscious mind to create the reality you desire, break through limiting beliefs, and attract what it is you do want. With this we create lasting results, change, and focus on making shifts on the identity level.
  • Clinical Hypno-Therapy installs new beliefs & behaviors and is a powerful tool to help people call in abundance, quit smoking, lose weight, and any other belief change.
  • Time Techniques allows us to get to the root cause of different emotions, limiting belief that is deep rooted from childhood, past life or generational experience. This technique supports healing memories, experiences, so you can begin to live life in an empowering way! Time Techniques can help release emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt as well as phobias, anxiety, & limiting decisions!
  • EFT a Chinese healing modality stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is also known as tapping and uses the same points as acupuncture to be able to release limiting beliefs.
  • Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that connects with a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing via universal love and light.
  • Breathwork - Breathwork helps you process a lot of stuck emotions that are stored in your body.  People often perform it to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During breathwork you intentionally change your breathing pattern

Some of the benefits of breathwork are listed below:

  • release stuck energy/emotions
  • receive healing and mentorship
  • move fears/limiting beliefs
  • open up your heart more
  • expand your capacity to hold space
  • have a safe space to process your emotions
  • connect more deeply to yourself + external sources
  • express yourself more authentically
  • and more

Human Design -  

A map to understand your genetic nature better, using your unique body graph it helps define where your energy flows within you and how you can harness that energy to your best ability.

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About Steph

Stephanie Boyd is a certified Master Life coach that specializes in sex, intimacy, and communication. She helps people break free of their societal conditioning so they can live intentionally.

Stephanie started her own personal development journey when she was about 17 years old, reading “the road less traveled” and “men are from mars women are from venus” which sparked her interest on how us humans work. At 19 years old she was telling her friends that she wanted to be a life or sex coach, having no idea what that would look like she put it on the back burner.

When she turned 21 she decided to go back to school to get her Associates degree in Human Services, graduating on the Presidents list she continued her education and received her Bachelors in Behavioural Science, Masters in Administration of Human Services, and 2 certifications in Conflict Resolution and Child Advocacy.

While obtaining her Masters, she became a program coordinator for the Multiple Sclerosis Society which opened her eyes to creating programs of her own to help people.

Through this she began investing intentionally with other coaches and mentors to help her live life authentically. Taking program after program, going to seminar after seminar, she became addicted to change and making her life filled with bliss.

This led her to seeing how impactful subconscious and somatic healing can be in people's lives so she decided to sign up for a 6 month certification program that gave her the tools to help people make shifts at the identity level.

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"Stephanie taught me so much about a subject I thought I was already an expert on: myself!” —Katy F."

Katy F.

"Being in Stephanie’s program kept me accountable and had someone to go to where I wouldn’t be judged. I felt very welcome by Stephanie."


"If you are considering taking one of Stephanie’s programs my advice would be to just do it. Open yourself up, get out of your comfort zone and get to work fixing yourself. Stephanie is an amazing coach and I am truly grateful to have gotten to work with her!"


""It's TOTALLY worth it, but it all starts with you! There is no better investment you can make outside of yourself. Steph genuinely cares about all the women participating in her program""


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